About the Maker

Shawn Murphy, an accomplished carpenter and builder for more than 20 years, began building Windsor Chairs in 1998, under the tutelage of Mike Dunbar of the Windsor Institute in Hampton, New Hampshire.

In the years since, Shawn has continually refined his craft, producing these functional pieces of art one at a time, honoring the tradition of craftsmanship that has made these chairs true collectors’ items. Built to outlast both their creator and their owners, Windsor Chairs are true heirloom items, made to be passed down through the generations.

Shawn uses pine or poplar, two woods that lend themselves to the shaping process, for the seats; oak which when rived is very strong and bends well, for the spindles, arms and bows, and either maple or birch for the undercarriage "legs and stretchers" because of their ability to hold a crisp edge when turned. All work is done by hand, using the same basic tools utilized by craftsmen for hundreds of years. And while measurements are crucial, it’s the craftsman’s eye which Shawn has developed over the years that makes each chair a distinctive – and functional – work of art.

Some patrons simply purchase a Windsor Chair to serve as a stand-alone piece, while others have ordered full sets to match a dining room table or made the chair part of a complete room produced by Shawn.

Shawn applies that same sense of craftsmanship to every project he undertakes. His carpentry background and his dedication to old-world craftsmanship have allowed him to build an extensive body of work that includes many styles of Windsor's such as rockers, settees & dining chairs. He also builds kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, built-in bookcases, entertainment centers, tables and much more. To complete the room he can supply you with a new hardwood floor, custom milled trim, raised paneled walls or ceilings. Please see the product page for portfolio or contact.

Contact Shawn Murphy today, for a hand-made Windsor Chair or to learn how his talents can add a true craftsman’s touch to your home.